Crowd scene video for the Village Hall extension programme

A great turnout for a video of a crowd scene outside the Village Hall in aid of funding for the Village Hall extension project.

Maybe we’ll all be appearing at Cannes next year.

This isn’t the finished product – that’s still being put together professionally for the bid video. Some of us had already disappeared inside for tea and buns when I shot this video (typical – mention tea and buns and half the village will be there!).

Indian Supper Evening

The Village Hall Management Committee would like to extend a very BIG THANK YOU to Mr & Dr Killy for the Indian Supper evening on March 17th.

It was a wonderful evening full of colour and flavour, the Indian dancers were brilliant creating such a vibrant atmosphere. It was also lovely for the village to be able to share in the celebrations of the Killy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary and Dr Killy’s 50th birthday. An amazing £1300 was raised in aid of the Village Hall Improvement Project. Thanks to everyone who came to support it.

There are lots of extra photos (in colour!) which you can see on the village hall website and also on their Facebook page Goldhanger Village Hall